Saturday, May 27, 2017


Not gonna lie, yesterday I found some photographic evidence of me doing something pretty illegal:

Anyways, nothing particularly exciting happened. In physics the other day, I found out that there had been a tick just chillin on the back of my shirt for the entire morning, without me knowing, and my physics teacher picked it up and started PLAYING with it. Like, "Aww, look at the little guy," PLAYING. This week was also the last meeting for my youth group, so we closed it with a bang and bought a bouncy house and rented an ice cream truck so that everyone could get free ice cream. Our leader, needless to say, went a little bit over the budget, but it was worth it, and I got a sweet video out of it.

Me and some of my friends are trying to get Colby to write a rap. He already rapped once for a video, but it was ad-lib and, while marvelous, lacking in length. We told him that he should write his own lyrics, or use one of his poems that he already wrote, and he said he would think about it. I really want him to do it, but he said no promises.

Thursday I got together with my friend Victoria at the library and did all my homework, for once, at once. Which made me feel really good, but also like I didn't know what to do with myself. I can always find things to do when I'm supposed to be doing homework because I procrastinate a lot, but since I had everything I needed to have done done, there was nothing for me to do. It's just weird, I don't know.

After school on Thursday, me and my mom took a walk around town and bought some stuff at Rite Aid. We took some really weird pictures of us posing, along with some real pretty pictures as well.

Friday I was supposed to have detention, but it was cancelled, so I hung out with my friends Ian and Justin at this part of town that's a play park/pool/scenic park. Me and Ian walked up to two cops cars and said hey, and then I told one of them, "Don't be alarmed, but there's a cop RIGHT next to you," and pointed to the other cop. Then we found a group of kids from our school (that we didn't know), and on a dare, I went up and asked them if they knew how to cure "hyper-aids," because "time was a factor." After that we absconded to the neighboring park, and played football with a few kindergarteners that were playing by themselves. Then we went behind Justin's apartment and played with the goats that live in the alleyway. All-in-all, I'd say it was a pretty fun week, despite the fact that Justin's apartment is now haunted because of the historic jail house behind it (not gonna go into detail).

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Summer Promises 👌

The other day on TLP, one of my friends introduced the idea of just sitting down with our minds and coming up with a list of ten things we want to accomplish this summer. She had pretty attainable goals, and I didn't know if I would come up with vague and unspecific goals or incredibly specific goals. In the end, the final list I came up with was a mix between both. I made a seperate page for it so that it has its own space, and so that I don't forget about it. The list is here.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017



This isn't a "this-is-what's-happening-in-my-life" sort of post. I honestly couldn't sleep last night, because people are cruel and disgusting. Why does this keep happening? Can't we all just live in peace? I was talking to my friend Justin ealier today, and he said, "There was never peace, there will never be peace sadly. As long as humans exist there will be terrorism and war." And I'm sorry to say that I agree with him, because he's probably right. I hate people. There was a freaking 8-year-old that still hasn't been found. I'm honestly really mad right now. To my understanding, no one even checked the bags of the guy that did it at the door. What the hell? I bet security feels real good right now. I'm not bashing on any specific individual or even the security as a whole, I'm bashing on the security procedure. Justin found an image of a post that the dude who did it posted on a deep web forum saying he was going to use his homemade grenades to kill people at the concert. We can't confirm the authenticity of this picture, but if it's real, and no one did anything about it, my faith in the human race has been considerably lowered. This was literally the most vunerable crowd they could have gone after. Kids, teens, fans who were just expecting to have the time of their life at a concert for their favourite singer, but then having to see 21 people get their skin literally blown off, then trying to help but realizing that the horrible sight in front of them meant that those people were beyond help, then running away but not being able to because the whole crowd is pushing and people are getting trampled and everything is moving at 0.000000001 miles per hour, all while not being able to find the friends they were just with five minutes ago. The fact that a group of humans would do this to another group of humans is truly heartbreaking. Thought and prayers are with everyone involved in this ordeal.

Monday, May 22, 2017


Interlude: My Life is Boring

If I want to keep doing this, it has to not feel like a chore. Most of the things that happen in my life are boring, so writing about them is going to be boring. So I'm only gonna write about things when something other than "I woke up, went to school, and went home" happens all week. This may possibly be just my anti-cringe working hard to stop me from doing this as much as it possibly can, but I kind of agree with it anyhow.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Week 1/Why I'm starting this thing

A couple days ago a friend and I were talking, and we ended up having a deep and somewhat meaningful conversation about the different things we could do to get out of our comfort zones. We have a problem with that type of thing, and we wanted to start taking some steps to solve that problem, so we started a list. Thus far, the list is:

• Tell a joke to a stranger.
• Take a different route to a place you go frequently.
• Google something random and learn about it.
• Try a new restaurant.
• Buy and wear something in a color you don't presently have.
• Get some food item in a store you've never tried.
• Drink a can of Moxie.
• Listen to a new radio station.
• Watch a movie in a genre you don't normally like.
• Go to the emergency room and just sit there. Comfort someone.
• Thank a service person for serving their country.
• Thank a policeman.
• Put sticky notes with positive messages around.
• Write a poem and post it on TLP.
• Sing in public.
• Say hello to a new person everyday.
• Volunteer in a new place.
• Go to a place in your town you don't usually go to.
• Order something on a menu you'd never think of ordering usually.
• Buy a piece of clothing you usually would never try.

And that's just so far.

I already committed to stepping outside of my comfort zone (about seven people have it in writing), so that's what I'm gonna do by doing this blog-like thing. I'm not doing it because I'm bored, though that IS the main excuse I give when I do cringey things, I'm doing it to feel LESS comfortable, and therefore MORE comfortable. Get it? Yeah. Anyways...

This is a completely private thing that's also not that private. It's private because I'm expecting no one to know about it and don't really want anyone to know about it, but not private because I won't really mind of anyone I know eventually finds it. So this will just be me, ranting about stuff, to no one. Have fun, NSA, because this will get real boring, real fast.

So Thursday, I went to the environmental center afterschool before I walked home to take some nice pictures of the nature there and stuff. Not necessarily to put them anywhere, but to just save them for me and maybe some of my friends to look at later. That was pretty chill, except I put my entire right foot into a muddy puddle on the way out, and had to walk down all of Main Street like that.

Here's some pictures I took, in case anyone in the NSA is interested:

A lot of things happened this weekend and one of them just so happened to be a Nicolas Cage cake. Not gonna explain the memeing behind that one, but I will say that it was payback from my mother for something else I had done.

Right now, I'm uploading a collaborative video that me and my friends Justin, Ian, and Martina did together. I still have to check Schoology to see if I have any more homework (sometimes my teachers just like to upload assignments at the last possible minute), so as soon as this is done uploading I'm gonna do my homework, then print out more pictures of Nicolas Cage to put around the house. Don't judge me.